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Every golfer is different, both by physique and swing. That is why golfer’s equipments is different. Next Golf Fitting’s goal is to find the best available golf equipment to each player!

For finding the ideal equipment, we will always check the lie angles and lofts, suitable length of the clubs, choose the suitable grip, shaft, stiffness and correct heads. Every variable needs to be perfected in order for the player to have full confidence in his/her set. Fitting is a exact science – that is why we use a FlightScope X3 radar, which measures every important aspect and numbers of the swing and ball flight, which ensures us if we find the right equipment for you.

Next Golf Fitting offers the newest clubs from worldwide known brands such as PING, CALLAWAY COBRA, TAYLORMADE and PXG with a wide variety of shafts.

Schedule a time for a fitting already today, to check if your equipment suits you or to get a completely new one.

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