Price List

Full Bag Fitting

Next Golf Fitting's most popular option, where you get an assessment to your full golf set. We assess your current golf set (if you have one) and find you the best set available during the process. Additionally, we can advise you which golf balls suit you the best.

2,5 h

120 €

Woods Fitting

Getting your ball off the tee is almost as important as getting the ball into the hole. We well find you the best clubs for tee shots and for approaches from longer distances – by optimising the spin and flight trajectory in order for the shape to be straight but long.

1,5 h

70 €

Irons & Wedges Fitting

Perfectly combined forgiveness and control. Most clubs in your bag are irons. We will find you a suitable iron set, that you can count on at every moment. We will also combine you a suitable wedge combination and will recommend suitable grinds for wedges.

1,5 h

60 €

Single Club (Driver) Fitting

Get fit for a single club! Most popular option if you want to be fit for a new driver, however this fitting option is also suitable if you want to be fit for any single golf club.

1 h

40 €

Gapping Fitting

At Gapping Fitting we will check your current iron set's lofts and lie angles and if needed will bend them. Each club in your bag must have a purpose in your bag and acertain distance covered. With this fitting we will ensure that. Perfect option for a golfer to take once per year to be sure your set works best with your game all year long.

1 h

40 €

Club Fittings take place at Next Golf Arena, located at Suur-Paala 19.

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