NGA PRO Enrico Villo Winter Trainings

Winter is the best time to advance your golf skills and with a structured training plan you can play your best golf in the new season! PRO Enrico Villo and Next Golf Academy have put together training packages for the whole winter period, which you can use to take a step to the next level. Combine yourself a suitable package and start your preparations for the new season already in November and you will achieve your desired golf form! First trainings have already taken place, but every new joiner will be able to catch up with their group!

 375.00 550.00

Trainings schedule can be found here;

– Independent additional trainings have no time restrictions and one time includes 60min on the range and 15min on the short-game area;

– We will create substitute trainings for everyone joining the program later or whenever you miss a training.


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