Next Golf Arena

Opened at fall 2020, Next Golf Arena is the most modern and with the best indoor practice facilities indoor golf hall in Estonia.

Free parking up to 6h for all the visitors. You can register your car number to the computer right by the entrance.

Short Game area – green and rough graining from every direction, in order to ensure as close conditions as on the course (bermuda, thick rough, etc.)

Range – hitting mats are selected to be as true as normal grass, where do fat of a golf shot will slow down the clubhead.

Simulator – two wide and open bays, where there is no need to readjust the radar for right or left-handed players.

Welcome to Next Golf Arena @ Kawe Padeli- ja Golfikeskus!

Story about the birth of Next Golf Arena

Next Golf Arena Story

For a long time golf has not been only a summer sport and indoor golf arenas for winter trainings have a key role to play for the growth of sport and raising the level of players. Since the closing of Exit Sisegolf in 2019 there has been a blank in the winter golf options, and we were searching for a long time for the best place and then… we hit the jackpot!

In September 2020 we found the right place at Suur-Paala street and already at the first glance, we knew that we needed to act fast! A week later we signed a 10-year contract and the project got going. From an empty hall there became a vision, then a more detailed plan, material choices and so on.

October 2020 went by mostly planning and a plan was made to open at the end of November. Building process started as planned on 02 November and first up was the building of the green. Underneath 22 tons of soil (!!), many work hours and screws, on 07 November we rolled down the green. By 11 November all the rough was also in place and we moved on towards the next steps. Next couple of days went by for preparations for the range and on 13 November we raised the nets and with all the grass already in place, the range was ready. After some minor tweaking on the weekend, on 16 November our golf juniors started their trainings in the brand new Next Golf Arena. Next couple of weeks we were setting up the simulators and fine-tuning the Arena. By 01 December a sign of Kawe Padeli- ja Golfikeskus decorated the outside of the building.

Even though Academy and national team players could already practice, officially we opened the Arena on 07 December. It is a known fact that no building process is finished by time – and so happened for us, because there came many new ideas during the building and many adjustments were made. In total the costs for the building of Next Golf Arena was over 200 different wood pieces, over 1000 holding pieces, over 6000 screws, 22 tons of soil, about 700 square meters of nets, over 1000 square meters of different indoor grass, over 2 kilometers of special carpet tape, 500 meters of rope and 1.5 kilometers of cables. In a one month period there were well over 500 work hours and of course a buttload of euros.

Special thanks for the contribution – Kawe and Jaanus Kosemaa, Plaat Detail and Jaen Uussalu, Cramo Estonia and Toomas Linamäe, Alfanet, Huck Net, Krzysztof Misiaczyński, Paavo Nelke, Joel Adul and many others.